What are your thoughts on this? Please make sure to do your own research!! This Alt coin group is the first to create NFTs that mine crypto in the background for you! Looks interesting. : altcoin


If you haven’t already heard of Arteon, it is an Alt coin that launched a couple months ago, and have had an extensive marketing campaign going on. Check them out on discord! They are a hard working team, and they put a lot of effort in what they do. They are one of the very few teams I have seen put this much effort into a project. They definitely aren’t going anywhere!! Check out this project for yourself! https://discord.gg/N46PpWkp https://arteon.org/


The Arteon team also launched a staking dapp to support their Alt coin. Even in this bear market, this team is still working hard to improve their project! https://pyrabank.com/arteon

And now, they made something even better!!!

Experience the FIRST ever NFTs that MINE crypto in the background for you!! Purchase one, and you will earn passive income everyday for as long as the mining pool lasts!!! Get one before they run out!! And always DYOR before buying anything! https://opensea.io/accounts/ARTEON

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