Rug-proof (team renounced), Doxed Developers and the First Currency for Gamers: This is the Alt-Gem of May.


GMR is amazing. Don't let the whales scare you, as they fall you slowly become the next whale with transaction tax, think Safemoon.

I throughly researched GMR (GMR finance), my conclusion (as a decade of experience in alt): solid vision. They target gamers, their tokens will not be symbolic tokens like other projects, rather a currency to buy/play games; as the CEO stated yesterday, there's already a launch date of some pretty sick products, such as a pacman game that eats 0s, merch, and this currency has a use-case for gamers to buy and hold NFTs by allowing them to collect rewards and such. They've done two audits, renounced ownership, and even announced potential partnerships down the line. I just wanted to bring this project to light, let me know what you guys think. I'll post the proofs of audit and ownership renouncement below.

Coinmarketcap Link:

Audit 1:

Audit 2:

Renounced ownership:

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