RavenX is about to reach $1 MILLION donated to charity and nobody even knows it


So at the time of writing this post – RavenX has donated 1306 BNB (translates to 817k at this BNB price) to Binance Charities. This token is not even 3 weeks old. Less than 3 weeks old. 817k donated. Let that sink in.

So what is RavenX? It is a token with a unique tokenomic set, consisting of a 9% tax on every transaction, buy or sell.

5% is hard coded in the contract to donate directly to Binance Charities, verifiable on the blockchain. You can see this all on BSCscan.

2% is redistributed to the holders

2% is burned. RavenX started at a 500 million total supply, now it is 438 million. So 62 million in less than 3 weeks have been burned.

The 5% charity donation flows in chunks of 100,000 RX sells. So on every transaction, 5% of it builds up until 100,000 RX are accumulated, then automatically sells for BNB and transfers to the Binance Charity wallet. Yes, this is a negative price impact, but the burn and redistribution compensate for that.

Currently there are around 14500 holders, the market cap is only 6 million at the time of this post. The donation amount is literally 1/8th of the market cap!!!! This is very impressive for such a low mcap coin. Just imagine what will happen when it gains popularity! We might see $1 million donated EVERY DAY!!!! All it needs is a 20 million trading volume for every million donated.

What have they done so far?

So in less than 3 weeks RavenX has been listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Coinbase(for tracking), have been ACKNOWLEDGED BY BINANCE CHARITIES for their donation efforts on twitter, at $350k donated, and most recently, LISTED ON WHITEBIT!!!!

Once the $1 million donation threshold has been passed, expect news to circulate around, whether it be Binance or a tier 1 news outlet!!

I can see this jumping from a measly 6 million mcap to somewhere near 100 million in the near future.

Check them out! The telegram is the most active – you can find all their social info on the newly updated website.

The website also has a tracker for the amount of BNB donated and the USD conversion counterpart.

Like I said, 6 million mcap. Current price is .017-ish. All time high was reached a week and a half ago at .05-ish(22 million mcap).



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