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In response to popular demand please find the link to this month’s Moonshot Portfolio.

For those not familiar with our monthly Moonshot Portfolio – this is a selection of 20 undervalued cryptocurrencies which have been:

  • Researched

  • Risk assessed

  • Price target

It has been described as the most valuable free resource in the altcoin investment space.

We added and culled four new cryptocurrencies this month.

The month ended up only 1% with the portfolio up 325% since inception in February 2021.

Below is an example of one of the 20 cryptocurrencies featured in this month’s Moonshot Portfolio.

PancakeBunny (BUNNY)


PancakeBunny is a decentralized finance yield aggregator and optimizer which is used for PancakeSwap.


The PancakeBunny protocol gives farmers the opportunity to multiply their tokens.

Farmers at PancakeBunny get permission from private individuals for automatic summation and reinvestment of yield on their behalf through mono-contracts. Users can farm on their own, but doing so involves a complex process of determining the optimal frequency and time at which to increase and reinvest profitability. With PancakeBunny users can delegate this process. The actual farming takes place on PancakeSwap.

The primary goal of the platform is to support the DeFi ecosystem by providing users with an easy way to automatically increase their profitability on Binance Smart Chain.

PancakeBunny is being built by a group of anonymous developers who claim that their “code [speaks] for itself.”

PancakeBunny is developed in cooperation with PancakeSwap.

Owners of BUNNY tokens control the ecosystem of PancakeBunny and receive most of the profits from farming rewards. BUNNY holders place their tokens in the management pool to claim the profit, which is sent to the pool in the form of Binance Coin (BNB) rewards. The share of profit received by a participant is proportionate to the size of their BUNNY stake: the more tokens you stake, the higher your impact on the ecosystem.

MOUND the company behind PancakeBunny recently raised $1.6 million in seed funding led by Binance Labs. Other participants included IDEO CoLab, SparkLabs Korea and Handshake co-founder Andrew Lee.

Pancake Bunny now has more than 30,000 daily average users, and has accumulated more than $7 billion in total value locked (TVL) since its launch in December 2020.

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Our Opinion

Risk Score: 7

Target Price: $2,833

Maximum Supply:1,455,202

Like most of our selection of moonshots in this article PancakeBunny has experienced astounding growth in a short period of time. Having amassed $7 billion in TVL is some achievement. When comparing its fully diluted market cap of $462 million with its TVL there is a significant disparity. Even based on a reasonably conservative ratio of market value/TVL of 0.5 that produces a target price of $2,833. The major risk is its reliance on Pancakeswap however it is looking to diversify into other areas which should reduce this dependence. However you spin it, PancakeBunny is significantly undervalued based on its current position.

Enjoy and keep the suggestions coming for the forthcoming Moonshot Monday and the Micro Cap Watch List.

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