Decentralized Social Media platform (SeedSwap Social) made for influencers and artists, about to launch, expect coin to 10x easily from the hype (rewards hodlers, deflationary) : altcoin


SeedSwap Social is about to launch (hopefully in the next few weeks). The platform has NFT markets, staking/farming, and a really nice clean UI/layout which makes it better than twitter, simpler, and more integrated in terms of crypto features. This is a huge breakthrough for the crypto community. It’s social media that utilizes the blockchain tech AND has all the features we need. It’s great and I expect people will love it and want to use it regularly (imagine what other features could be built off of this base).

The team is also working on onboarding and recruiting crypto commentators, influencers, real and NFT artists, crypto and regular news providers, and more. They are building a whole ecosystem so that we can replace twitter with something that actually supports and sustains the crypto community and tech.

Hodlers and content providers earn revenue from the advertising mechanism on-platform. That means the coin is massively, and I mean massively, deflationary, and won’t stagnate because the coin stagnates. In fact it will keep growing because their goal is to constantly grow the platform.

Price was 5c before crash, down to 1.5c. I easily expect this to go back up to 5c before release and then 10-20c after. Volume is super low atm, so this is a good short-medium hodl. The team has said that they are releasing an updated website shortly, and once that happens will start doing large ads on well-known crypto sites to boost the telegram for launch. Not to mention they will then release the actual social media platform.

This one’s a no-brainer for me, I would get in while you can get it so dirt cheap. Farming is also coming this quarter.

Recent news:

Listed on Bilaxy, 1inch

Passed two Audits

Team partially doxxed. Team includes a very experienced web dev of over 12 years.

Recently sponsored an event featuring Binance Aus and Monochrome Crypto Hudge Fund founder Jeff Yew

Promo images here here here


Website: (new website being released soon)

Registration: (to register a username, only for 25,000 SNFT holders, should be open to everyone else soon)

Total Supply: 100m


Token has compounded seasonal yield multiplier to incentivize holding the coin (as staking on the platform), and stakers can earn NFT related rewards and drops.

Buy on Uniswap

Buy on Bilaxy


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