[$1,1 mil market cap] [44 days old] $RICH โ€“ launchpad coming in 2 days, cg and cmc listed, amazing community, giveaway for shillers soon, active devs, breaking out right now, donโ€™t miss the life-changing opportunity!


Welcome to Rich Maker !

Rich MAKER works with a business model with a deflationary token structure. Rich token manufactured in limited quantity and structured for long-term sustainability. Total supply is programmed to be burned on every transaction. While the burning function continues, holders are constantly rewarded. Letโ€™s get this a little understandable.

A total of 60k $RICH tokens were produced. Since the token has a deflationary structure, a 2% deduction (tax) is applied to each transaction. According to the amount of the transaction performed, 1% of each transaction is burned and reduced from the total number (there is no physical sending address such as 0x00). The other part of the deduction is 1% distributed among the token holders according to their percentage on the token. Each $RICH holder automatically receives rewards so there is no need to wait. The system itself is very important for long-term sustainability. The constant decline in the number of tokens (currently 57,885 $RICH tokens in circulation) and the constant rewarding of holderโ€™s wallets with tax collected encourage $RICH token holders to become permanent holders.


60k $RICH tokens (Now 57k) were produced and based on BEP20.


2% deduction is applied for every transaction. 1% is burned forever and is reduced from the total supply. Burned tokens do not have a physical sending address.


Half (1%) of the applied deduction is automatically distributed to $RICH token holders by calculating their percentage. You do not need to claim, farm, and wait a certain amount of time to receive rewards. You just need to keep $RICH in your wallet to receive rewards.


You need to have a $RICH token in order to join RICOS. Fair limits will be set to keep participation as high as possible and increase the chances of small investors to participate


$RICH token has functionally effective deflationary features. The $RICH token, which is already produced in small numbers and is not mintable, is programmed to be burned. The business model is designed to create a long-term supply shock and increase the token value.

The launch platform is coming soon.

Max Supply: 60k RICH

Total Supply: 57,889.85024 RICH

TOKEN ADDRESS: 0x0d94335595ae842890bec091ef8c47d62f545d99

HOW TO BUY: (https://richmaker.finance/)

Website : (https://richmaker.finance/)

Medium : (https://medium.com/@RichMakerGlobal)

Twitter: (https://twitter.com/RichMakerGlobal)

Telegram: (https://t.me/richmakerofficial)

Github: (https://github.com/RichMakerGlobal)

Pancakeswap V2 : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x0d94335595ae842890bec091ef8c47d62f545d99

Coingecko (https://www.coingecko.com/coins/rich-maker)

Coinmarketcap :https://coinmarketcap.com/tr/currencies/rich-maker/

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